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Top 20 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks You Should Now 2019

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                        Top 20 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks You Should Now 2019

Here are my top 20 Windows 10 tips and tricks. Windows 10 has been around for a while and there have been several updates released including the fall 2017creators update. I am going to cover several tips and tricks that I found useful all the way through early 2018. I hope you’ll find them useful too. Here are my top 20 in no particular order. Number 1 – Spatial Sound. Give your computer an easy upgrade to 3D Spatial Sound with the new Windows 10 feature.All you do is go in the lower right corner and right-click on your earpiece and choose Spatial Sound. From the menu choose Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos. now I have noticed that both of those sound very much the same but the Dolby Atmosrequires a download of an app so I am going to choose the Windows Sonic and hit OK. Try that sound quality now and see if you notice the difference. Number2 – Steps Recorder. Steps Recorder is a way to record your actions in Windows 10and translates them to a handy document you can save and share. To run it go to your Start menu and type in Steps. Youll sees the Steps Recorder app. Click on that and it opens up a simple recorder with a start and stops. I am going to go ahead and start the record and do something as simple as open up a browser move the browser around and hit stop. It recorded all those steps including the images followed by a detailed step by step instruction of every movement you’ve made. You can easily save this to a location on your hard drive and then attach it and send it to somebody with an explanation of how you wanted to walk through some steps. It makes it really handy to show somebody what you’re trying todo. Number 3 – Media Streaming. media streaming allows you to share music photos and videos with other people on your local network. To enable it to find your network icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop. Right-click on that and go to Open Network and SharingCenter. Choose this Change Advanced Sharing settings and hit the down-arrow next to all networks. Youll sees the media streaming menu with Choose MediaStreaming Options.

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Click on that and this is where you enable the streaming. You can choose to allow All Computers you can select between All Networks or LocalNetworks and when you’re ready with a name just hit OK and that makes your media files discoverable by other computers on your network. Number 4 -Quick Assist. Quick Assist is available from your Start menu. Just click Start type in Quick and select the Quick Assist desktop app. This brings up the quick Assist menu and you have two choices. You can either Get Assistance from somebody else or you can Give Assistance. In this case Im going to select Give Assistance. You sign into your Microsoft account and it provides you a security code with ten minutes to make the connection. All you have to dois contact the other person give them the security code. They choose GetAssistance from the menu and enter the code to connect to you remotely. You canalso choose to copy it to your clipboard or send it to them via email and oncethey open the email they can select that code and connect. Once the code isentered you will remotely control their desktop and you can walk through stufftogether with them over the screen. Number 5 – Reset This PC.Occasionally we run into problems with Windows and you have to reinstall. Wellyou can prevent doing that by choosing Reset This PC. Go to Start click on theSettings gear go into Update & Security and choose Recovery from themenu. Right at the top is Reset This PC. If you click Get Started it gives you twochoices. You can keep your files or you canremove everything. Windows takes a few minutes and it recovers everything backto the original factory defaults. If you choose to keep your files all of yourfiles will be there but it does remove apps and youll have to reinstallsoftware but its surprising how many problems with Windows this will actuallysolve. Number 6 – Fast Startup. Fast Startup has been around since Windows8 but the fall creators update turned Fast Startup on by default. You can get to itby going to the Start menu going into Settings click on Power select Power andSleep choose Additional Power Settings and select Choose What the Power ButtonsDo. And here it is with Fast Startup enabled. Shutting down your computer doest really shut it down. It enters a hibernation mode that allows for quickbooting. You may want to turn this feature off to shutdown fullybut if speed is your preference check to make sure this option is enabled. Number7 – Storage Sense. Storage sense helps you get rid of junk files when youregetting low on disk space. It is turned off by default but to turn it on go toyour Start menu into Settings click on System and go to Storage. Right here isStorage Sense and as you can see its turned off. So were gonna click that toturn it on and were gonna change how we free up space. With it turned on itautomatically deletes temporary files that apps arent using and it deletesfiles that have been in the recycle bin over 30 days. You can also go to CleanNow and it triggers those commands automatically. Its a helpful tool tokeep this automated process of cleaning up your disk space. Number 8 – SnippingTool. The Snipping tool is a handy app for taking snapshots of your screen. Torun it click on the Start menu and just type in Snip. Select the Snipping Toolapp and it opens the Snipping Tool. Click New and it allows you to select an areaof the screen and it brings it up into the snipping tool where you can edit andcopy paste save do whatever you want to. It comes with nifty little tools like apen you can change the colors a highlighter or an eraser and you canselect the highlighter for example and highlight an area on your screen thatyou want to identify. You can turn around and save it give ita name and send it to somebody. You also have a mode option where you can changeit to a rectangular snip which is the standard or you can make it a freeformsnip and it allows you to highlight an area by drawing a circle around it andthen it just captures that information. It makes it very easy to copy screeninformation to share with others. Number 9 – Night Light. Night Light is a settingto reduce the blue light emitted from your screen that often keeps you awakeat night. To enable it click on the Start menu go into Settings click on Systemand right on the main display screen scroll down to the Night Light. You cancheck this box to turn it on and you can go into the Night Light Settings toadjust things. If you want to enable it right now you can click this button. Ifyou want to adjust the temperature slide this bar back and forth and you can evenset it to be on a schedule and set the hours of when you want to turn it on andwhen you want to turn it off. So if you want to use your computer at night youmay want to enable the Night Light setting.Number 10 – Aero Shake & Snap. Windows 10 brings new capabilities to managewindows on your desktop. If you grab a window and shake itit minimizes everything behind it. If you shake it again it brings them back. Youcan also take a window and bump it to the top to make it full screen. Drag itdown and it returns to the original position. If you drag it to the left itopens it up on half of the left side of the screen and allows you to select fromone of the other windows to bring up in the right side of the screen. Drag themback down and they return to their original size. You can also drag a windowdown to the left corner and it brings it up into the one-quarter area of thescreen. Drag the other ones to the other cornersand you can adjust Windows by doing the Aero Snap & Aero Shake capabilities.Number 11 – Edge Reading View. Windows 10 has replaced InternetExplorer with Edge but did you know that Edge has a reading view option? If youlook at this page theres a number of graphics and advertisements mixed withinthe text but if you click this Reading View option it makes it into a nicereadable format and eliminates a lot of the other junk. Number 12 -System Restore Point. To avoid having to reset your PC as I shown earlier its agood idea to create a system restore point. Go to the Start menu type inRestore and click on this Create a Restore Point. Now at the bottom clickCreate and type the name and hit the Create button. This creates a systemrestore point if you have any problems with Windows updates or other damage toWindows files. To restore you can click on this System Restore button click Nextand you can select from the list of previous restore points. Hit next and yourcomputer will be restored to the state it was in at that point. When I havea good clean working copy of Windows I go ahead and make a restore point sothat Ill be able to recover back to that at a later date if I run intoproblems. Number 13 – Hidden Start menu. Did you know Windowshas a hidden Start menu? All you have to do is right-click on the Start menu andit brings up a number of options mostly from your system settings but it alsogives you the File Explorer and some other options for shutting down orsigning out. Its a handy little quick menu. Number 14 – Default Apps. Have youever had the wrong application load when clicking on a file? Windows 10 has movedthe location of default app settings. Click on Start go to Settings chooseApps and select Default Apps. The most common apps are listed with theirassociated defaults. Just click on the app that you want to changeand select a different one from the list or if its not listed you can look it upin the App Store. The default apps are listed here but if you dont see the onethat you want to change you can choose Default Apps by File Type. This bringsup hundreds of known file extensions with their associated default app andyou can change one just by clicking on it and selecting from the list in thesame manner. So if the wrong app opens when you click on a file this is how youfix it. Number 15 – Download Maps. If you intend togo offline with a mobile device running Windows 10 its a good idea to downloadyour maps before you do that. Click on Start Settings and go into Apps andchoose Offline Maps. Click this to choose an area that you want to download and itwill download that map and make it available when youre offline. Number 16 -Notifications. In the bottom right corner of your screen is the NotificationAction Center which gives you quick access to commonly used settings andnotifications. You can customize this area by going to Start Settings Systemand click on Notifications & Actions. Modify the list by holding down anddragging these icons around and you can rearrange them however you want. You canalso change the notifications coming from apps by turning on and off thesedifferent settings here and you can select individual apps and turn them onor off for notifications. So if you have a bunch of pesky notifications coming upjust turn these off. Number 17 – Startup Programs. When Windows 10 boots someapplications load automatically at startup. Over time you may have madechanges that leave unwanted applications in the startup. To speed up your computerand clear these unwanted apps go down to the taskbar right-click and run the TaskManager. In the window click the Startup tab. Youll notice there are several appsloading at startup. Take a look at this list and right-click on any that youwant to disable. That reduces the load at startup and makes your computer bootmuch better. Number 18 – God Mode. As youve seen inthis video several settings and windows are divided between the Control Panelthe Start menu and the Settings menu. With each new version of Windows weoften see changes to menus and its not always easy to find them. God Mode is theanswer. Just create a new folder on your desktop and copy and paste thisinformation and hit enter. This creates an icon that connects you to the programtasks list. Open it up and youll see all of those menu items in one big long list.Thats God Mode. Number 19 – Advanced Performance. Windows 10 has addedanimated controls animations translucent windows and a host of other features to improve the look and feel of the system. If youre looking for peak performance and dont care about those improvements you can crank up the system performanceby going into the Control Panel click on System and go to Advanced SystemSettings. From the Advanced Menu click on Settings. Change this from Let WindowsChoose Whats Best for my Computer to Adjust for Best Performance. Thateliminates a lot of those settings and speeds up your system. Give it a try andsee if you notice the difference. Number 20 – Virtual Desktops. Anadvanced feature in Windows 10 is Virtual Desktops. With Virtual Desktopsyou can create multiple separate desktops with different apps and windowsallowing you to organize distinct desktops for each purpose. Itsrepresented by this Task View button on your taskbar. When you click it it comesup with the open applications on your desktop and theres an option in thebottom right corner to create a New Desktop. If you hit that it creates adesktop 1 and a desktop 2 and you can now move applications into each oneof those. So for example I can take this Word document and drag it over to thedesktop 2 and now I have different applications between those two locations.Now you can open up windows in your new location click the task view switch overto another desktop and you have a separate set of windows and applicationslocated there. Click the Windows-Tab buttons to select between those desktopsrather than clicking the task view. You can also switch between them withCtrl-Windows-Left-Arrow and Right-Arrow. You can create as many virtualdesktops as you would like but I recommend using them as temporaryworkspaces to help you get organized. That is the main purpose. Youve justwatched the Top 20 Windows 10 Tips & Tricks. Dont forget to checkout the other tips and tricks playlist and watch PowerPoint Word Excel Skypefor Business OneDrive and several others.

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